Go!Go!7188 – Go!Go!Go!Go! Review


I haven’t heard much of what Go!Go!7188 has been doing lately besides a 2009 album release. I had thought that they might have broken up or gone on hiatus, but they returned in 2010 with a live album. The live album is a great indication of how their music isn’t over-processed on their album releases.

The album features fourteen live tracks ranging from all of their albums, and it’s easy to hear the differences in each of the songs and how they have evolved during their years as a band. It’s almost a best-of album, but rather than a repackage of old tracks, the live recording sounds even better than their standard releases.

As a live band, they are impressive even if some songs sound a little reserved. But it is easy to tell that they know how to play and they haven’t lost any of their ability.