Sweet Guerillaz – Follow the Rainbow Review

I’ve been lacking in Korean punk with a good bulk of my time dedicated to listening to really disposable pop. But from the first track of Sweet Guerillaz’s Follow the Rainbow, I have been refocused on the impressive nature of Korean punk.

The album is a true pop punk album that maintains the upbeat tempos and dual choruses that punk seems to be missing. Unfortunately, the album released in 2008 so the current state of Korean punk is a little unknown to me.

But as for the album, it is one of the best albums that I have heard in the last six months in the punk/rock genre. While other albums have become a bit layered and more complex, Follow the Rainbow is simple in its presentation and keeps the interest. As Korean music continues to evolve, I hope that the recognizable style of punk doesn’t become too sub-standard like a lot of so-called “punk” in the United States.

Don’t miss this one.