Kinzli & the kiloWatts – Down Up Down Review

Whenever I receive an email from an artist or band to review their album, I’m really interested for two reasons:

1. They visited the site somehow.
2. They’re interested enough to have me review their music.

So when I was given the chance to review Kinzli & the kiloWatts, a Korean indie singer/songwriter living in London, I was really curious to know how the music would be.

Down Up Down is great. It is a mix of more recognizable indie rock from the United States with a lot of similarities of Korean indie music.

The album is in English, which isn’t a concern either way, but continuously kept me interested. Songs on the album reminded me of Pedro the Lion, Bluedawn, and 한희정. Even though the similarities are not exact, the themes of the music came across easily recognizable.

The music is simple on the surface, but there is a hidden amount of difficulty that isn’t readily heard. I do think that the variety of music on the album all contain common musical themes even while exploring different arrangements. Out of everything I’ve listened to this year, Down Up Down is in my top three albums of the year.

Kinzli & the kiloWatts area hidden gem for indie rock. Like Sanawon in the United States, Kinzli & the kiloWatts really illustrate that good music doesn’t have boundaries or borders.