Artisan Beats Starring Minos – The Lost Files Review

Korean rap has such a strange variety of labels and performers. With everything from urban rap to more pop-friendly hip-hop, the different artists of the genre keep surprising me with their song and abilities.

My favorite type of rap is the much more “indie-sensible” type of rap and hip-hop that doesn’t really rely on hard bass or a lot of synth to create the tracks, but more of the two turntables and sampling type.

I never heard of Artisan Beats Starring Minos, but it has become one of my favorite rap albums. Reminding me of Ugly Ducking, who worked with Japan’s M-Flo back in the past. The sound of the album is much more “old school” by relying more on the rapping abilities and sampling skill rather than creating hybrid tracks that favor more electronica.

The thirteen track album has become a favorite along side the works of Drunken Tiger. Listening to this album is one of the best ways to soundtrack a walk to work or some other journey, it keeps moving and showing a great side of Korean rap.