Burning Hepburn – Life Goes On Review

I end up leaving Korean punk rock every couple weeks and listening to a lot of other genres only to find another album that brings me back to my roots of how I started listening to Korean music other than Kpop. Burning Hepburn’s second full-length is a mixture of punk and pop rock.

While it sits more firmly in the punk genre, the band doesn’t present everything with that hard edge that some other bands try to show off. The sixteen track album has a lot of outstanding punk tracks that sound a little bit like Rancid of the United States without the “scene” stigma attached.

Along with punk there are some ska-influenced tracks with the organ and horns allowing for a nice mixture of tracks and not just presenting the same 4/4 time signature. With this album being released in 2010, it give a great sense that Korean punk is here to stay.