SniperSound (Various Artists) – One Nation Review

I’ve heard of labels releasing albums featuring members of the label to create big compilation albums highlighting the members. In the case of One Nation, which is a double album, featuring artists on the Sniper Sound label; this double album blew me away. It features so many different variations of rap, not just Korean rap.

Twenty-six tracks featuring the likes of illnit, Outsider, and L.E.O., there is so much to listen to and since it doesn’t rely on using similar styles, it presents itself as one of the seminal rap compilations for Korean rap fans.

I’m not sure where to begin because it has the harder, more urban rap styles and then the next track is more R&B mixed with hip-hop. The two albums show a sample of each artist, who may or may not be performing in their recognizable styles, but it makes me want to find more of these artists albums.

Don’t miss this one, especially Korean rap enthusiasts.