Various Artists – Leche Con Cover – A Tribute To No Use For A Name Review

No Use For A Name was one of my favorite bands during high school. Also one of the seminal pop punk bands of the later 90s, the band played pop punk before it became the bloated mess that occurred during the later 2000s.

Since the band plays pop punk, the covers of this tribute album follow the genre much more closely and the songs are more familiar than other tribute albums. But when the original songs were so strong, the covers come close to the original brilliance, but don’t equally match them.

That said, the album is still one of the strongest cover albums that I have ever heard with a lot of the stronger songs of the discography making an appearance here. One of my favorite NUFAN songs makes an appearance through TNX’s cover of “Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me?”

There are so many solid tracks, this is worth importing and listening on a drive or walk because of the high energy of the album.