World’s End Girlfriend – Seven Idiots Review

I’ve been a fan of World’s End Girlfriend since the first song I heard. While there is a definite progression in the style of the music, moving from more experimental mixtures of songs to a bit more straight-forward type of post-rock with synth accompaniment, the new album is another turn in the style. Much more upbeat and forward than anything released before, the album is strange, but an interesting change.

In comparison to any of the other albums, this one does sound weaker in that there’s not as much density to the songs. But after listening to the songs, the same talent is in each of the songs, it is just a different style that is being experimented with. In some ways, Seven Idiots sounds like a video game soundtrack rather than what he’s produced before.

It’s an album that might not speak to everyone, the change in style is a bit harsh compared to the last album. But considering the discography, it’s good to see variety.