Beast (B2ST) – Mastermind Review

Beast has gone through an impressive evolution with each of their released singles. Their third being Mastermind, finds the group cementing their place in the Kpop idol stage as being a group to watch.

Their lead single off Mastermind being Breath, it showcases another dark concept. But the single does show that the members have improved on their voices and the sustained bridge is one of the most impressive displays from a Kpop idol group, even more when heard live.

The other tracks on the single aren’t as catchy as the lead single and sound a little like other Kpop idol groups rather than their own singular sound. Containing the expected lead single, other upbeat songs, and the necessary ballad, Mastermind is another solid release from Beast.

They are showing they have something a little different from the other idol groups, but they haven’t broken entirely on their own.