Sweater – Staccato Green Review

Since I started listening to Korean rock and indie music only recently, about a year or so, it’s fun to go back and listen to bands that influenced who I started listening to earlier.

Sweater is an early indie rock band from the early 2000s that still sound relatively modern. While they may not have the same effect as current indie bands, I can see them playing next to other bands in the genre today.

With a light female fronted sound, Sweater’s Staccato Green is great indie album that sounds like the direct precursor to Donawhale, Bluedawn, and Misty Blue. There isn’t much of a variety in the types of tracks as they are all indie rock mixed with a bit of pop.

There can’t be many complaints with the music however, because the album is a big point in history of the comparison between South Korean and the United States in terms of what music was popular.