80kidz – Weekend Warrior Review

80kidz aren’t as prolific as I would like them to be. In my opinion, they should release at least one EP a month to keep the momentum on their electronica flowing throughout Japan into the rest of the world. Weekend Warrior is their newest full-length and continues the great tone and arrangements of their songs.

With sixteen tracks, that allows the group a lot of ability for experimentation, something that they don’t do too much, but apparently preferring to stay in their more familiar area of expertise of electronica and pseudo-club music.

There is enough variety that the album isn’t too safe and only producing a 120 beats/minute only album, branching out to slower tempos and creating more landscapes rather than sprints through songs.

The music is still a mix of electronica, club, house, rock, and video games in the combination; but the sound is different to be engaging.