Beat Crusaders – Lust Crusaders – The Other Side of Beat Crusaders Review

Released the same day as Rest Crusaders, Lust Crusaders is a compilation of tracks when Beat Crusaders was on their indie label including unreleased songs from that time. In effect Lust Crusaders is a swan song to the band.

With Rest Crusaders the end of their major label days, releasing an album highlighting and showing their history as an indie is just as important.

The sound of the band still hasn’t changed from the tracks on this release compared to the other albums. There is still the energy that the band seemed to have never lost, and containing twenty-four tracks, there’s a lot to listen to and digest. It is, honestly, one of the best ways to go out with such a large discography.

Lust Crusaders is a must-have for any fan and even people not familiar with the music should find some great rock and punk.