Beat Crusaders – Rest Crusaders Review

I haven’t covered Beat Crusaders nearly enough on the site and it’s sad that the latest release by the band is their last. Rest Crusaders has two meanings: first – the band decided to break up. second – the meaning of rest is to let the band name itself remain at the top of their game.

Depending on the version, Rest Crusaders is one or two cds. The first is the actual album containing new tracks along with some singles creating a sort of history of the band. The second has many of their tracks that were part of compilations or standout singles. All together, both albums are forty-one tracks combined.

It’s a great way to go out combining older music with the new songs, because in many ways, the sound of the band hasn’t changed much, only involved to be more precise and tighter over the years. The combination of punk, rock, and synth keyboards is a very specific sound only attributed to the band.

They’re an important part of Japanese punk and rock; and should be remembered as making albums that all evolved, but retained the absolute awesome nature of the band.