Huckleberry Finn – 6 Years of Live History Review

I listened to some early releases from Huckleberry Finn and was impressed with their albums.

The time that they released those albums was earlier in my exploration of Korean rock, and in 2010, 6 Years of Live History has been released. With bands, sometimes they sound better live than on albums; and in this case, Huckleberry Finn sound so much better than on their albums.

With track recorded as early as 2004 to the majority of the track being from the 2009 Yellow Concert and featuring a lot of guests, the album is a great historical piece for this important band.

It’s obvious that time has not slowed them down or their abilities. In many live recordings, there might be something different than the album releases, but I can’t hear anything but perfection.

The album features fourteen tracks, showcasing the still powerful talents of the band and the assistance of other bands like Galaxy Express and Guckkasten.

Huckleberry Finn are important in the history of Korean modern music and this album is a must have.