LeeSsang – 伯牙絶絃 Review

It’s strange how Korean variety has now lead me to LeeSsang.

I have been working through a lot of Korean rap, moving from Drunken Tiger to a lot of the SniperSound family, but LeeSsang is a different type of rap. With their 2009 album, Vol 5, it’s another return to a bit more urban rap with more bass-fronted beats and samples in the background, while the lyrics have a more aggressive feel.

Even with the focus on rap, there is a hip-hop feel when it comes to tracks with guests, featuring Bobby Kim, MC Meta, Epik High, and others. It creates a different feel for these songs and changes the tone a bit. Even with all the guests, it is good to see that LeeSsang have enough tracks on their own to show off their own skills without the assistance of friends.

If you consider all the different rap acts that released music in 2009/2010, it’s a wide landscape. LeeSsang’s Vol. 5 is one to listen to for this time period.