Various Artists – Modal Soul Classics II: Dedicated To Nujabes Review

It’s unfortunate that such a talented artist was taken too soon with only two proper releases to his name. Nujabes was a talented musician who created memorable and smooth songs that layers hip-hop and rap together making a very special mix of laid back music.

Originally the Modal Soul Classics was a mix-tape release, but with the second album; it has become a tribute to the great artist. I never found anyone who didn’t like the albums or work that Nujabes created. He had a big hand in the anime Samurai Champloo, developing the feeling of the series around the hip-hop/samurai collaboration.

Even though the songs on the album are either covers or remixes, they are all Nujabes songs performed by fans of his music. The music never feels rushed and every beat and tone hits at a perfect time. He will go down as one of the great musicians for Japan, even if he isn’t noticed by everyone.