about tess – beautiful Review

about tess is a band that I found by accident while searching for more information about World’s End Girlfriend and Mono. Even though the band doesn’t play a true comparison style to either of those bands, sounding more like mudy on the 昨晩, with a faster tempo being a main component of the music.

It could be said that Beautiful is more of an EP rather than a full release, but considering the genre, I would have to say that the album is a true realization. The songs range from around four and a half to eight minutes.

The style of about tess is a mixture of a bit of prog rock and instrumental rock depending on the track. It’s an interesting listen because while some math-rock bands depend on the drum kit to modify the music in the case of bands, about tess appears to rely on nothing but the feeling of the music.

It’s another great representation of what Japan has to offer within one genre.