Ellegarden – Eleven Fire Crackers Review

Eleven Fire Crackers was the last full-length that Ellegarden released before announcing the hiatus of the group and each member moving on to new projects. The album is also the culmination of the growth and evolution of the band’s sound.

While it as known that there was infighting about the progression of the group and where the music was moving toward, Eleven Fire Crackers is one of the best Japanese punk rock albums that I ever heard.

It’s a mixture of rock and punk, adding in slower tempos while increasing the intensity of the vocals. The group’s tension is easily heard through the tracks, there is almost a feeling of anger in some of the playing.

The album also has some of the strongest tracks of their discography like Salamander, Space Sonic, and Alternative Plans. Even though some of these tracks appeared as singles previously, they fit into the flow of the album.

It would be interesting to see the band reconvene to produce a new EP after their time spent in their post-Ellegarden groups; I’m sure the experience outside the band would create even more impressive music.