Ellegarden – Pepperoni Quattro Review

By far, Ellegarden is my favorite Japanese punk band. There are many other bands that hold a high place, but this band as essential in my exploration of Japanese punk that pulled influences from the United States.

Essentially, Ellegarden in their early years were a pop punk band that focused on melodies while being a technically impressive band that composed high energy and catchy tracks.

Pepperoni Quattro was the second album that I listened to by the band and it contains many songs that would be considered Ellegarden classics. Simply put, the band is fun to listen to. With two guitars, a bass, and rum kit; Ellegarden fronted what could have been the Japanese punk invasion of the United States; relying on their ability rather than concept/appearance.

The added bonus that many of the songs are sung in English, Ellegarden wouldn’t have had much trouble breaking the stagnant US market.

Sadly, the band has parted ways into many different groups and their music has grown, but the band at its prime was one of the best.