GD & TOP – Volume 1 Review

Like 태양, G-Dragon and TOP have ventured and released an album that sits outside the discography of Big Bang and shows a different side from the two rappers of the group.

Big Bang haven’t been on the Kpop landscape for some time, but 태양’s Solar and Solar International showed a lot of promise of individual releases from members and Volume 1 shows a lot of potential for the pair.

Already known as good performers and having good stage presence, Volume 1 shows a lot of experimentation in Kpop and how it is presented for mass consumption. Mixing sugar pop, rap, rock/rap, and many other combinations of genres, Volume 1 shows that these two aren’t just marionettes. Each songs is well constructed, the two lead singles showing the upbeat side of the album while later songs have much more depth.

It’s one of the best releases that snuck in at the end of 2010, but given that this is from two Kpop members, Big Bang’s next album should include the strengths of the members.