Mirror – Recollection Review

Recollection is a four songs EP from Mirror, a Japanese math-rock band. In many ways, the EP sounds like a teaser for something new in the future because it shows a lot of potential for a fuller release.

Using a full band formula, Recollection carries a quick tempo, but doesn’t sound hurried and completes each verse of the song with purpose. I enjoyed listening to the EP a lot because it packs a lot to digest in a small amount of songs.

Mirror is another band that uses a full band and records in a slight garage band style. In some ways it sounds like the band records together rather than by themselves and piecing the tracks together, but it could just be the recording process that gives it the sound.

Mirror ‘s closest relative in the Japanese math-rock genre would be Toe, but more straightforward compared to the grooves that Toe masters. Being the end of 2010 and I’m not sure when Recollection released, I do feel like the band has a lot to offer in the future.