New Breed – Heart Racing Moments For All Lovers & Haters Review

New Breed seems to be a part of a new emerging trend in music for Japan. What I noticed before was that the music trends were a bit slower to catch on for music from the United States penetrating Japan and Korea.

Now it appears that the newer genres from abroad are inspiring new bands faster than before. New Breed is like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, using a speedcore base and mixing it with synths. It’s not necessarily bad music, but it’s definitely a noticeable copy of how Western music is experimenting between genres, but not entirely meshing the two together in the best way possible.

The actual music isn’t that bad, though is sounds exactly like a copy of the United States rather than taking the genre and refining it into something more polished. In this case, the release has the same problems that a Western release would have.

It relies on melodic choruses, screaming verses, and half-time tempos with double-time instrumentals. The stark tempo changes become a little to expected and repetitive and that hurts the overall flow of the album.

New Breed have talent, but they need to work more on the genre that they’re performing in.