Sugar Donut – SugardonutS Review

While it seems that 2010 didn’t have a lot of pop punk being released and many bands experimenting with sound, the years prior had many good albums. One of those was 2008’s SugardonutS by Sugar Donut. A quick and light pop punk band, Sugar Donut showed that pop punk of Korea was much more honest than that of their brethren in the United States.

With a precise twelve track album, used the staples of the genre: simple guitar, bass, and drums combined with catchy vocals and just presenting everything without needing to layer effect after effect on the songs. In many ways, SugarDonutS is the perfect pop punk album for Korea. Something that should be passed to others.

Even with their late 2010 release, they remain the same pop punk band, but SugarDonutS was something special.