10cm – 1.0 Review

10cm have been prominent in indie news on various sites. I never sought to listen to the group since I’m usually buried in other music and taking time for a specific release has a habit of throwing off my schedule.

I was mistaken on not listening to 10cm sooner.

1.0 is an interesting mix of Korean indie and presentation of the ability of musicians in Korea. There are many strong tracks on 1.0, which was the first surprise.

I thought from the first track it would be a bit on the predicable side, but as each song played, I came to realize that the group know exactly what type of music they want to play.

“그게 아니고” was the first track that really grabbed me. It has an arrangement that I really like. It has a slow and methodical way of moving the beat while it slowly works towards a crescendo during the bridge. A wonderfully crafted song.

“죽겠네” is also a favorite. For the simple reason that there is a kazoo.

1.0 is one of the strongest releases that I’ve heard since I started listening to Korean indie music. It has a forward tone while still using past styles that are recognizable.

It impresses on a lot of levels.