Art-School – Anesthesia Review

Art-School, along with Asian Kung-Fu Generation, was one of the first indie rock/rock bands that I listened to. Their style of loose, but technical playing was different from bands in the United States and I became a fan.

I found Anesthesia by chance, not having listened to any recent release, but I found that the band hasn’t lost any of their abilities since I last listened to them.

The release is either a mini-album or an EP, but at seven songs I don’t think that it’s meant to be a full-length. The garage/indie/rock style that they play is still present, but on “Into the Void,” the feel of the music is a little different from the previous songs. There’s less tension in the songs and the progression of the songs feel open and organic.

It’s a great return to Art-School, though now I have to find everything else I’ve missed.