Green Milk From The Planet Orange – Birth of the Neo-Trip Review

Of all the bands that I’ve listened to, Green Milk From the Planet Orange is one of the most difficult to get into at the start. Their music is very forward thinking. Birth of the Neo-Trip is three tracks.

But with “When Every Colour Turns Black” at 16:24 and “Ground Lyrics” at 26:02; they require a big investment when listening.

The music is garage rock, math-rock, psychedelic, and rock all in one song. Even though the music itself sounds dated, to realize that a band group produce songs that are this long and still have every single second matter is impressive.

There is a statement through each release, and the three song album does indeed have a purpose and story to tell. Honestly, Green Milk From the Planet Orange will not cater to everyone’s tastes. But it is damn good music.