Pennylane – The Outer Circle Review

2009’s The Outer Circle brought the first album from Pennylane. A versatile indie rock band, the band plays recognizable rock while also supplying some impressive slower songs.

It’s strange also because their intro track “Pennylane is Here” and “Closed” also include some electronica elements in the beats, making these songs a bit like a nostalgic return to the 80s.

If listening for the first time, it’s safe to expect indie, rock, and electro-pop types of songs on the album. Each one is played with an impressive deftness so they don’t sound out of place. Though the album lacks a bit of cohesion, it does allow listeners to hear the ability of the band.

I haven’t heard of anything else from the band, so I’m not sure if they’re still around, but it’s a great album to spend the day with.