Tearliner – 작은방, 다이어리 Review

In 2005, Tearliner released 작은방, 다이어리 which I think means Closet Diary. I haven’t listened to Tearliner in about a year and didn’t realized that I had missed this album.

It’s an interesting album because it mixes a few genres together to make the fourteen track album. Using indie, rock, and even some shoegaze elements, 작은방, 다이어리 is an outstanding album. The strength of the album is that it uses a lot of different styles in combination to create a distinct sound.

While it features a lot of slower songs, there are some quicker tempo pieces throughout the album. The variety of tracks don’t lose any of the talent which is surprising.

It still has a contemporary feel and stands well against more recent releases, I need to find more by Tearliner and see how the rest of the music had changed through time.