Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) Signed CD Contest Winners

After starting the contest and revising the contest, as well as being bogged down enough not to be able to announce the winners, the first contest for wakesidevision.com is over.

As some people entered the contest after the revision, but still followed the original rules, I kept in mind those who also entered with the new set. I was surprised that many of the songs actually were from The Blue Album and only a few entries took songs off of Red and Violet.

Either way, here are the winning entries. Winners will be contacted via email shortly.

“Song A

Because every time it reaches in to, and draws out my inner child. Every time I listen to the song I get the same feeling I used to as a child when I made a discovery. It touches something within that makes me want to capture it’s naivety and keep it with me.

It excites, it intrigues, it incites simple hope and the build up with it’s guitar riffs take me on an adventure that ends up with me being transformed, and taken back to a innocent time where I believed everything was possible. Simply put the song is what Joy feels like, nothing but love, heart and the pure explosion of joy. That’s why to me it will forever be my favourite and the best Apollo 18 song. ”
– Omar

“Their best song is Iridescent Clouds. It has so many emotions and it left me in a kind of daze when I first heard it. I love it!”
– Chelsey

“My favorite Apollo 18’s song, i would say, is actually two songs that work almost as one : Emit and Time. Of course, the title already show that there is some meaning in listening to both of them. But when i’m walking by night from the train station, heading to my home, in the country-side, and i’m listening to this song, i cannot help but think about the time spent in Korea, and it brings back a lot of memories.

In the middle of Emit, when the main vocalist can finally be heard, it makes me want to run in the night and to shout out, hoping to go back to these memories. But then, “Time” starts, this time not spelled backward, and i don’t want to think about the past anymore, and my only concern is what to do in the future.”
– Fabien

I have to thank Apollo 18 for helping me out with this contest and all the entries for the contest. If you didn’t win or didn’t even enter, be sure to keep watch because there will be another contest coming this Summer.