Dok2 – Thunderground Mixtape Vol. 2 Review

Even though it would make sense to start with Thunderground Mixtape Vol 1, I found Vol. 2 much more interesting. Released in 2010, I didn’t know that artists from Korean made mixtapes that often.

The eighteen track release contains much of the urban hip-hop style that Dok2 usually uses, but also sounds a bit more free than his other official releases.

Containing a lot of addictive beats, Thunderground Mixtape Vol. 2 is one of those releases that will alienate listeners who aren’t big hip-hop/rap fans. There are some less than “safe-for-work” moments over the album, but otherwise it is a fantastic release showing the talent of Korean hip-hop artists.

With guests like MYK, Bizzy, and The Quiett; the album has a lot of variety, something a little unexpected from the release.

Korean hip-hop continues to impress the more I explore the genre. Dok2 is one of the impressive artists and his talent shows through his mixtape.