Drunken Tiger – The Great Rebirth Review

Drunken Tiger is among my top three favorite Korean hip-hop artists. The Great Rebirth is my second favorite album from the group. Considering the album was released in 2000, I didn’t realize the evolution of the group from their first releases until now.

The seventeen tracks have some of the best hip-hop songs that I’ve listened to in the genre. The song “위대한 탄생” is by far my favorite track on the album.

Another interesting thing about the style of Drunken Tiger is they seamlessly mix English and Korean together on their tracks. Backed by some of the best instrumentals, the delivery of the vocals is one of the strongest in the genre.

Even though the music does have a bit of a dated sound, it’s still a current sounding album; not losing anything to time. If anything being from 2000 makes it even stronger that it does so much during each song to impress.

Drunken Tiger is one of the forefathers of Korean hip-hop in my mind, there may have been groups before them that really created the genre, but this group have evolved my personal listening more than any one else.