Redemption 97 – Precious Songs Review

I had listened through Precious Songs as background music a couple times until I started listening to the album directly. I immediately heard Potshot, a band that was very important to me through high school and college. When searching through background on the band, I found that a member of Potshot and members of Kemuri made up the band.

From that moment I heard Potshot and Kemuri coming through the music in the form of an evolution of the two bands joined together. Bringing back Japanese ska, Redemption 97 is the best form of the genre.

The thirteen songs brought back many memories and the upbeat music style that comes from Japan is still among the best. It’s difficult to describe the perfection that is contained in Precious Songs.

Listeners of both bands need to listen to Redemption 97, the band begins where the two previous bands left off and continue the tradition in fine form.