Group ABoAB – Model B./A Tribute to BoA Review

Considering the fame that BoA brings to the Kpop genre, it was interesting to hear about the Model B./A Tribute to BoA album. An album comprised of independent Korean artists who covered some of BoA’s known songs in their respective styles.

Personally, I don’t know many of BoA’s songs, other than her more recent releases and her badly timed United States debut. But the songs on the album are definitely a step away from the roots of her Kpop/Jpop songs.

Some of the songs are recognizable in their vocals or melodies while others are total reinterpretations of the songs. It’s an interesting listen because the styles of the musicians are some that I want to explore more and the covers are unlike other tribute albums.

Besides everything else, it’s a free download provided by Group ABoAB at their website.