Jay Park – Take a Deeper Look Review

There has to be a lot of expectations for Jay Park’s first official release, considering his past history. I was more interested in the mini-album because of the guests on his songs and seeing how these prolific hip-hop artists would add to the songs.

I was certainly surprised that the album is much more hip-hop than Kpop. The songs overall have a much more R&B/hip-hop tone than produced pop and it does show more of the strength of the artist than his beginnings.

“오늘밤” is the most Kpop song on the mini-album, kind of lumped in the center of all the other songs, it could be there to boost past fan sales, but the song itself is pretty catchy.

Take a Deeper Look is a first look at where Jay Park could go. His potential is pretty large, but he’s at a fork in his path as an artist.