Sentimental Scenery – Soundscape Review

Sentimental Scenery is a musician that I’ve listened to before, but I think the first release was lost in the shuffle of the bulk music I was listening to. The second release Soundscape, on the other hand, didn’t.

Featuring a strong melodic electronica style, Sentimental Scenery creates excellent instrumentals that are grouped with some great other musicians. Guests on the album feature Mizuno Mari, 타루, and Hee Young to name a few.

Each song with a guest vocal sound like they were tailored to that individual vocalist. I especially enjoyed “Tune of Stars” which features Hee Young on vocals who also wrote the lyrics.

The album has a lot of similarities to Japanese producers like Nujabes, Nomak, and others; creating strong instrumental tracks. Though in the case of Sentimental Scenery, each song has their own magic.