the cabs – 一番はじめの出来事 (First Incident) Review

The first standout element of the cabs are that while the band might utilize screaming in their songs and frenetic playing across all instruments, the band doesn’t rely on distortion on their guitars. The music arrives clean and understandable, something that sticks out on each song.

The first song might include the most screaming vocals, but the instrumentals are a great dichotomy between the two. The cabs are also able to construct songs that have melodic vocals which stand along side the more aggressive vocals.

The five song EP from the band show a bright future because their music is complicated while sounding simple showing the potential of the band for the future who might even rivals long standing acts of Japanese rock.

When listening to 一番はじめの出来事, you can expect the a mixture of rock, punk, and instrumental rock combined in each song. A difficult combination, but a result that the cabs succeed in.