Vampillia – Rule the World = Deathtiny Land Review

The mixture of classical music with a blend of opera and rock is a strange combination to start. Vampillia’s Rule the World = Deathtiny Land contains twenty-four songs with the longest at a little over three minutes and the shortest being four seconds.

But even with this short album, each song and note have a definite purpose over the album. Having an album that is a little over twenty-five minutes long and making a statement in each song is difficult enough, but Vampillia find success.

Many of the songs feature strings as a main component in each song, accompanied by heavy metal-inspired drumming, piano, and guitars.

In actuality, it’s difficult to describe each song to capture each moment; but it is simple to state that Rule the World = Deathtiny Land is more than just noise. In melody, it is simply beautiful and in aggression, it is outstanding.

Even though Rule the World = Deathtiny Land combines rock, instrumental, math-rock, post-rock, and classical genres together, the sum of all the parts are something incredible and not what I was expecting at all.

It is in my top albums for the year without a doubt.