2NE1 – Lonely Review

Normally I stay away from digital singles because one single song isn’t much to listen to for one artist. “Lonely” being the newest song from the oft-hyped 2NE1 shows a ballad side to the hip-hop/pop group.

The first main change is that the vocals of all the members have improved, though the post-processing of Kpop has proved me wrong while watching lives. The strongest vocalist, Park Bom, still continues to maintain her crown. Sandara isn’t used as much, only covering smaller verses while Minji does display a better vocal presence. CL like always takes center stage, which I’m still a bit disappointed in. She does have improved vocals, but the group is slowly transforming into CL with 2NE1.

I would like to see more diversity in the tracks, even more solo work on a full album. The single is good as a view into different sounds, but it does fall a bit flat.