Nujabes – Luv(Sic) Part 4 Featuring Shing02 Review

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Nujabes. An insanely talented producer taken far too soon by tragedy, the “Luv(Sic)” songs were ones that I wasn’t aware were part of a series.

Over a year after his passing, Part 4 Featuring Shing02 was released. With the same recognizable beats that defined Nujabes, Shing02 deliveries some of his best vocals over this song. I’d have to say the song is bittersweet because it has a recognizable tone and sound for any Nujabes fan.

Shing02’s vocals are subdued a bit and allow for the instrumentals to take center stage. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite songs by Nujabes, not for the context around it, but the emotion that comes off of it.