the Hiatus – Hatching Mayflies Review

Finally after a year, the Hiatus have returned with a three song single. I still feel that among the post-Ellegarden bands, the Hiatus has the most strength

The single starts with “Bittersweet/Hatching Mayflies.” A slower song, it doesn’t contain the fast tempos of other songs, but the tempo allows the band to take more time.

It has an almost ballad mixed with rock feel.

“The Brainwasher” is the second track and it returns a little closer to the signature tempo of the band. It’s stil a slower song, but listening through the track; the Hiatus has definitely evolved with their music.

Closing the single is “Snowflakes.” Another slower track, it contains a strange emotional tie with each line of the lyrics. The arrangement of the song is complex, layering the guitars over each other and the bass making its presence known at all the right points. The drum kit also explores different rhythms from the standard 4/4.

Hatching Mayflies shows off a different and evolving side of the Hiatus. It’s apparent that they’re growing as musicians.