miss A – A Class Review

2011 has been an interesting year for a lot of Korean pop girl groups. Many of them are looking towards debuting in Japan and working double duty or disappearing from Korean shores for months at a time.

miss A have been a quiet favorite for me. I enjoyed most of their singles and with their first full-length, the group show off how much they have grown since their debut.

Since A Class does repackage their earlier singles in the tail end of the album, there is a definite backwards history with the songs.

Each member have improved since the debut, but I still feel like their is a potential that they didn’t hit with the album.

The standard set roles have been broken for vocals as each member is doing more singing, but one problem with the album is that the vocals all sound really flat.

miss A’s A Class is a great album, but the mastering of the album took some of the energy out.