Sinitus Tempo – Highly Lifted “The Remixes” Review

Strangely enough, Sinitus Tempo contacted me about reviewing his EP Highly Lifted. I listened to it pretty early on, but it got lost in the shuffle of the massive amount of music that I needed to write about.

Highly Lifted is essentially five remixes of Shing02’s more well known songs. I have to applaud his talents because the remixes are impressive. They fit the tone and lyric delivery with a style that still allows Shing02 to shine.

“Battlecry” is one of my favorite Shing02 songs and the remix is my favorite track on the EP. The style of the instrumentals is very similar to Japanese producers, fitting in beats and melodies around the vocals rather than overpowering them.

The only thing I would prefer would to have the bass beats mixed a little lower than the rest of the tracks, but that’s a personal preference and nothing that needs to be changed.