té – 敢えて、理解を望み縺れ尽く音声や文字の枠外での『約束』を Review

2010’s album by té is probably my favorite. It left a bit of the more sullen math-rock of the earlier albums and became aggressive in tone. The energy on each of the songs is more noticeable as well.

The fourth album has the best drumming I’ve heard in the Japanese math-rock genre. This is my opinion because of watching té play live and seeing the minimal set that was used to create the insanely complex rhythms.

While this is my favorite album, it is a slight departure of their recognizable technical sound and has a bit more of a jazz groove style in some songs.

敢えて、理解を望み縺れ尽く音声や文字の枠外での『約束』を is amazing though and still a necessary listen.