Marié Digby – Second Home Review

I never heard of Marié Digby as a Japanese artist, so looking into her history and finding out that she is a Japanese-Irish American singer was kind of surprising. Second Home is a covers album of popular Japanese songs sung in a singer-songwriter folk style.

It’s interesting to hear popular songs sung in a different style, but kind of fun to hear her translation of style. I do think that fans of these particular bands might find her renditions a little lacking, but she does have a good amount of vocal talent.

Second Home isn’t a good album to gauge her abilities with however, so take the album with an open ear.

1. “Gravity” (Originally sung by Luna Sea)
2. “Cherry” (Originally sung by Spitz)
3. “Kimi to Iu Hana” (Originally sung by Asian Kung-Fu Generation)
4. “Gips” (Originally sung by Ringo Shiina)
5. “Yasashii Kimochi” (Originally sung by Chara)
6. “Banzai (Suki de Yokatta)” (Originally sung by Ulfuls)
7. “Piece of My Wish” (Originally sung by Miki Imai)
8. “Nada Sōsō” (Originally sung by Ryoko Moriyama)
9. “Gentle Smile” (Originally sung by Satori Shiraishi)
10. “Koyoi no Tsuki no Yō ni” (Originally sung by Elephant Kashimashi)
11. “【es】~Theme of es~” (Originally sung by Mr. Children)
12. “Love Love Love” (Originally sung by Dreams Come True)