Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) – Black Review

When it comes to bands that keep evolving and progressing, Apollo 18 are one of the seminal bands for Korean rock music. Their new EP, Black, is a bridge of their previous albums and presents a slightly different sound.

That different sound is amazing. With only four songs, Apollo 18 showcase a tighter and focused sound. Combining elements of post-rock, shoegaze, and hardcore; the EP is their strongest release so far.

The overall theme is still the same tone that Apollo 18 is excellent at: large spaces of instrumental music and lines of vocals that accent around the music.

Their longest song, “Deadend” comes in at a little short of eight minutes, but is the most recognizable of the tone of the band. It comes in waves and never lets you forget that the technical abilities of the band go far beyond the chord progressions and impressive arrangements.

Black is one of the best releases of 2011 and quite possibly the best of the year. It shows that the band is hitting their potential and great sounds are going to emerge in the future.