2NE1 – 1st Live Concert Nolza Review

Even with 2NE1 moving into Japan with remakes of their popular singles, I was surprised to hear that the group performed in Korea with their Japanese release name. I would have thought their would be another name like label mates Big Bang who have very direct concert names.

The recording of the album and the live vocals are a little out of tone in the beginning, but as the concert continued the vocals became clearer and much more powerful. Nolza covered their all their main singles and even their solo tracks. There is enough content with the number of songs that the release is worth adding to any 2NE1 collection.

The songs of 2NE1 have always had a different tone than other Kpop groups and it has made them an outlier. The recording of the release is good and while there are a few mis-steps in the beginning, it ends strong.