Maki Goto – Aikitoba Collabo-Works Review

Most big Japanese releases have multiple versions. Collabo-Works is one of those additional disc that I would normally not consider part of the release, but the album has a great number of songs that Maki Goto released after her training in the United States.

Though some of the songs do have questionable arrangements, the majority of the singles are impressive. “Ladyt-rise” was one of the first songs that I listened to from Maki Goto when I searched back into Japanese pop.

It highlighted a vocalist who had more control with her voice. While I can’t say that Goto ever sang really well, she did squeak a lot early on.

The disc contains twelve collaboration songs and shows that Maki Goto did gain a much better range of styles after leaving Hello Project.

Obviously the album is for completists, but it’s nice to hear the evolution and progression from someone who started incredibly young.