Tablo – Part 1/Part 2 Review

Tablo, a part of Epik High, hasn’t been around for some time since a lot of personal news came out and had him out of the spotlight releasing music. He returned with a two part album that consisted of two different tones and themes.

Part 1 is much more somber and dark. Consisting of five songs, each one holds a noticeable amount of quiet rage. Even though the first song featuring Lee Soora performing a ballad-style chorus, the bridge of the song hits an angry tone, something echoed throughout the rest of the songs. Overall, Part 1 shows a dramatically different side to Tablo.

Part 2 is different. Since Tablo released his album through YG Entertainment, it was still a little strange that he had Taeyang of Big Bang guest on “Tomorrow.” The song does have a much brighter tone. There is still an amount of anger behind the words, but the depression that is featured in Part 1 doesn’t exist.

What is interesting is that even with the two parts highlighting different parts of his life, the whole album connected together is an amazing album of tones. Since they were written by Tablo, it is easy to hear the transition of the time he was living.

I think it’s difficult to find another album that speaks in the same way that both parts of the album do.