Wonder Girls – Wonder World Review

I’m always interested in seeing what the Wonder Girls release when they return from the United States. Wonder World is Kpop. It hits all the prerequisites for the genre like 4/4 time signatures and quarter note heavy bass beats.

The difference with Wonder World from other Kpop is that there is a definite progress in their abilities since their last return. While that progression might be considered carbon copying like with their lead single “Be My Baby” Wonder Girls are improving as vocalists.

Wonder World has a lot of strong songs and members are branching out to new styles and performances. Though the strong American music influence is seen throughout the entire album and creates the dichotomy between recognizable Kpop and Wonder World.

The only song that fits outside the number of strong songs is “Act Cool” which I can see the purpose behind the song, but the presentation and strength behind the vocals is weak. It comes across as trying to show power while containing some level of cuteness.

Wonder World is an impressive set of songs and the influence of their time in the United States is easily seen.