Bomb and Tree – Need an Answer Review

I was fortunate enough to meet Seong Rock of Bomb and Tree when I visited to Seoul. He was also nice enough to let me play a drum kit in his studio that first night.

Need an Answer is an indie rock gem. The single is a mix of even tempos with added synth elements that actually expand on the sound of the rock.

Recordings on the album sound organic with the acoustic guitar and drum recordings presenting tightly performed songs.

The variety of songs all carry the same core sound of the vocals supported by instruments, but as each song plays, the smaller genre influences rise. The previously mentioned synth effects are a strange addition, but don’t remove tones from the songs and the small jazz elements apply different rhythms in the songs.

Need an Answer may sound simple from the start of each of the songs, but the multiple layers in each of the songs is impressive. This requires the songs to have numerous listens to hear everything besides the vocals.

I never listened to Bomb and Tree before, but the music is now on my watch list. It’s different in the best way possible, experimenting with sounds and genres.